Lunch with Sophia and Georgie The Gingerbread Fairy

Yesterday I spent most of the day @ Sophia's school. I joined the PTO earlier this year and we took food in for a holiday luncheon for the staff. While I was there I decided to eat lunch with Sophia. She was so excited! You should definitely take the time to go visit your little one at lunch if you school allows it.
Remember eating lunches like this? 
I also stayed around to help at the book fair when her class had their shopping time. I wanted to let her do the shopping independently, but I am glad I was there. I don't think she would have picked anything if I wasn't there. She was taking so long doing her shopping!  She got a Barbie book (with stickers, of course!)  and this one: 

It is such a cute story! I have the image linked to Amazon if you are interested. It's just one of the cute stories I think most little girls would love. 

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