Weekend Recap--October 31, 2014

Friday (10.31.14)
It was so cold! Please overlook the chipping paint on the deck (a project for next year) and focus on the snow :) Yea, snow!  Sophia went as a scarecrow nicecrow. That's what she called herself. It was so cold there was hardly any trick-or-treating. We went to a local church and the line was so long to get inside that we left. We stood outside for about 15 minutes and we were only half way there. We drove up to a few houses and then hit up the Dollar General for some bags of candy!
Saturday (11.1.14)
Ry took his mom car shopping. Sophia and I stayed home in our PJs all day. We made some cinnamon salt dough Christmas ornaments. They are still sitting in the kitchen drying. They smell so good.

Sunday (11.2.14)
No pics. A normal day at home with a trip to Lowe's and B-dubs. About 2 hours after Sophia went to bed that night she woke up and had puked in her bed. I felt terrible. All day she kept saying her belly hurt. I thought she was trying to get out of cleaning her room.

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  1. Those ornaments look so cute!! I would want to eat them lol. Hope Sophia feels better soon!

    Thanks for linkin' up!