Sophia's First Sick Day

Sunday when Sophia was complaining of a belly ache I thought she was trying to find a way to get out of cleaning her room. Then she puked in her bed that night. In the morning I asked her if she still felt bad and needed to stay home to rest. She said no and headed to school. At 11:30 the school called and said she had puked at lunch. She tried to tell the nurse that her tummy felt better but the nurse said she could tell she still wasn't well. I picked her up early. And today was her first full sick day.
I was that kid that took a sick day any way I could get it (sick or not). I'm amazed person that I created enjoys going to school so much. Even though she has not puked since early morning I can tell she still isn't well.  I'm unsure about sending her tomorrow. Of course she is already telling me about using her best bucks she earned to "buy" a pajama day.
About a month ago Sophia woke up in night crying about her ear aching. That morning I took her to the convenient care at 7:30. The doctor said she was ok to go to school but should probably miss the day if it was uncomfortable. I knew it had hurt badly since she was crying. We got the prescription  and some OTC pain reliever. She was 1 hour tardy for school. Yea, she enjoys the weekend and looks forward to breaks to see her granny and aunt, but she loves school. It kind of blows my mind.

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  1. Oh no! hope everyone feels better! Glad to be your newest follower and I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment (you showed up as a no-reply blogger so I couldn;t respond) xoxo