Looking Back at October and Randomness

So, Ry and I got obsessed with Lost on Netflix. This is my second round of Lost addiction and his first. I warned him that you just can't stop. He ended up behind me and when he reached the last season he told me that he couldn't wait for it to be over so he could get back to life.  He finished the last episode last night.  I warned him....and I'm warning you. Even if you have watched it before you will find new things if you watch again. So just don't start. 

I think I could have made 5 of these collages, but that's a bit much. So here is a peak into our October: 

And if you like Strawberry Starburst you have to try the Taco Bell frozen Strawberry Starburst drink.  I'm not always a fan of frozen drinks, but this one surprised me. A little on the sweet side, but taste just like the Starburst.

mmmm. I want one now. 

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