Five On Friday: 11.7.14

Halloween and pregnancy made me a little sentimental. Ok, more than a little. I had to go looking for Sophia's old Halloween pictures. 

Last night I woke up in the middle of sleeping. I turned on Netflix and felt like I had to watch The Muppet Movie. It was so random. It wasn't even a Netflix recommendation. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you have, don't you love when Kermit sings The Rainbow Connection? It's one of my favorites. 

Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears are two of my favorite candies. For the last few weeks Ry has came in about once a week with 2 bags of one of the other.  Yesterday he brought me two bags of the Christmas Gummy Bears. I am starting to have a stash of them (even some in the truck). I had to tell him that we need to move on to chocolate or some salty crackers. I don't need them, buts its a nice treat and sweet of him. 

Tomorrow I cross into 32 weeks pregnant!!!! This little one coming seems so close and far away at the same time. I have started a list of things we still need or projects I want to finish. It's really an entire other post. Just got to stay calm. 

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