Baby Bump Update (Long)

So this post is long. It's more for myself than anyone else. I had so much happen and so many appointments in October related to the pregnancy. To sum up the fun stuff: Birth Planning Appointment and Child Birth Class! 

3-hour Glucose Screening/ Dr. Appointment ( October 13 @ Dr. Office)
I had to go in for a 3-hour glucose screening after finding out the 1-hour results weren't good. For 3 days leading up to the screening I had to follow probably the best diet ever. It included pudding, cake and cookies.  I went in for the screening armed with probably 5 magazines and the nurses gave me extra pregnancy related ones. I drank the sugary drink. I thought the drink would be the same as the 1 hour, but it was WAY worse. It was like the most intensely sweet fruit punch ever. Since I couldn't eat for 12 hours leading up to it I thought I was going to puke for almost a full hour after the drink. They took blood prior to me drinking it and followed for the next two hours. It was a rainy day and I fell asleep in the waiting room! So embarrassing!
Between the taking the blood, I was able to go in for my doctors appointment. It worked out perfectly so I didn't have to drive over twice. I had good blood pressure and no protein in my urine again! Yah! Back to only normal doctor appointments!

Tiny Details Appointment (October 23 @ Hospital)
- Ry and I went to a birth planning appointment. It lasted a little over an hour. Sophia came with us. It was difficult for her to sit still, but she did her best.There was a lot of questions, info and a tour of the maternity area. It was a good chance for me to find out more about what to expect at the hospital since I am not familiar with it. They said labor and recovery went well for the baby and me that we would only need to stay 24 hours! I can't even imagine! With Sophia I believe we were there for 5 days after her birth and 2 days leading up to it. 

Childbirth Class (October 25 @ Hospital)
-I never went into labor when I had Sophia. I am so scared this time around. I thought it would be good for us to attend a Childbirth Class. We couldn't attend the classes that were split up into multiple classes. We signed up for the weekend express class. It was a one-time, 6 hour class. We got a lot out of it, but Ryan was dozing off by the end. It wasn't interactive at all. It was a lecture style class. 

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