What I'm Reading: Next to Love by Ellen Feldman

This book was different than what I normally read. It followed three friends from the beginning of WWII until the 1960s. It shows the changes they go through by giving a peak into their lives during different periods of the twenty years. It was easy to be interested in finding out how each character changes from young adulthood into women with families.  It was nice to see a book that didn't necessarily end in perfection, but was more realistic. Just pay attention to names and relationships because it does jump between characters. I enjoyed reading it and would definitely recommend it.

Baby Bump Update: Week 32 (11/8/14)

I am posting this several days late, but I still wanted to get it up. 

 Today I am 32 weeks! It feels like a huge milestone, but I don't know why. We haven't reached an agreement on a name yet. I decided the middle name a long time, but we are struggling with finding a first. We have 4 that are contenders. 
I have an app on my phone that compares the baby to vegetables. At first I thought it was the cutest thing. I loved seeing the veggie update and sharing it with Sophia and Ry. But when the weeks began to include asparagus, bok choy, and a large cabbage I started thinking it was a bit ridiculous. 
I have a doctors appointment on 11/11--another chance to hear this little one's heartbeat. 

Five On Friday: 11.7.14

Halloween and pregnancy made me a little sentimental. Ok, more than a little. I had to go looking for Sophia's old Halloween pictures. 

Last night I woke up in the middle of sleeping. I turned on Netflix and felt like I had to watch The Muppet Movie. It was so random. It wasn't even a Netflix recommendation. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you have, don't you love when Kermit sings The Rainbow Connection? It's one of my favorites. 

Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears are two of my favorite candies. For the last few weeks Ry has came in about once a week with 2 bags of one of the other.  Yesterday he brought me two bags of the Christmas Gummy Bears. I am starting to have a stash of them (even some in the truck). I had to tell him that we need to move on to chocolate or some salty crackers. I don't need them, buts its a nice treat and sweet of him. 

Tomorrow I cross into 32 weeks pregnant!!!! This little one coming seems so close and far away at the same time. I have started a list of things we still need or projects I want to finish. It's really an entire other post. Just got to stay calm. 

This is all I need to say: 

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Looking Back at October and Randomness

So, Ry and I got obsessed with Lost on Netflix. This is my second round of Lost addiction and his first. I warned him that you just can't stop. He ended up behind me and when he reached the last season he told me that he couldn't wait for it to be over so he could get back to life.  He finished the last episode last night.  I warned him....and I'm warning you. Even if you have watched it before you will find new things if you watch again. So just don't start. 

I think I could have made 5 of these collages, but that's a bit much. So here is a peak into our October: 

And if you like Strawberry Starburst you have to try the Taco Bell frozen Strawberry Starburst drink.  I'm not always a fan of frozen drinks, but this one surprised me. A little on the sweet side, but taste just like the Starburst.

mmmm. I want one now. 

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Sophia's First Sick Day

Sunday when Sophia was complaining of a belly ache I thought she was trying to find a way to get out of cleaning her room. Then she puked in her bed that night. In the morning I asked her if she still felt bad and needed to stay home to rest. She said no and headed to school. At 11:30 the school called and said she had puked at lunch. She tried to tell the nurse that her tummy felt better but the nurse said she could tell she still wasn't well. I picked her up early. And today was her first full sick day.
I was that kid that took a sick day any way I could get it (sick or not). I'm amazed person that I created enjoys going to school so much. Even though she has not puked since early morning I can tell she still isn't well.  I'm unsure about sending her tomorrow. Of course she is already telling me about using her best bucks she earned to "buy" a pajama day.
About a month ago Sophia woke up in night crying about her ear aching. That morning I took her to the convenient care at 7:30. The doctor said she was ok to go to school but should probably miss the day if it was uncomfortable. I knew it had hurt badly since she was crying. We got the prescription  and some OTC pain reliever. She was 1 hour tardy for school. Yea, she enjoys the weekend and looks forward to breaks to see her granny and aunt, but she loves school. It kind of blows my mind.

Weekend Recap--October 31, 2014

Friday (10.31.14)
It was so cold! Please overlook the chipping paint on the deck (a project for next year) and focus on the snow :) Yea, snow!  Sophia went as a scarecrow nicecrow. That's what she called herself. It was so cold there was hardly any trick-or-treating. We went to a local church and the line was so long to get inside that we left. We stood outside for about 15 minutes and we were only half way there. We drove up to a few houses and then hit up the Dollar General for some bags of candy!
Saturday (11.1.14)
Ry took his mom car shopping. Sophia and I stayed home in our PJs all day. We made some cinnamon salt dough Christmas ornaments. They are still sitting in the kitchen drying. They smell so good.

Sunday (11.2.14)
No pics. A normal day at home with a trip to Lowe's and B-dubs. About 2 hours after Sophia went to bed that night she woke up and had puked in her bed. I felt terrible. All day she kept saying her belly hurt. I thought she was trying to get out of cleaning her room.

Bella And The City

Baby Bump Update (Long)

So this post is long. It's more for myself than anyone else. I had so much happen and so many appointments in October related to the pregnancy. To sum up the fun stuff: Birth Planning Appointment and Child Birth Class! 

3-hour Glucose Screening/ Dr. Appointment ( October 13 @ Dr. Office)
I had to go in for a 3-hour glucose screening after finding out the 1-hour results weren't good. For 3 days leading up to the screening I had to follow probably the best diet ever. It included pudding, cake and cookies.  I went in for the screening armed with probably 5 magazines and the nurses gave me extra pregnancy related ones. I drank the sugary drink. I thought the drink would be the same as the 1 hour, but it was WAY worse. It was like the most intensely sweet fruit punch ever. Since I couldn't eat for 12 hours leading up to it I thought I was going to puke for almost a full hour after the drink. They took blood prior to me drinking it and followed for the next two hours. It was a rainy day and I fell asleep in the waiting room! So embarrassing!
Between the taking the blood, I was able to go in for my doctors appointment. It worked out perfectly so I didn't have to drive over twice. I had good blood pressure and no protein in my urine again! Yah! Back to only normal doctor appointments!

Tiny Details Appointment (October 23 @ Hospital)
- Ry and I went to a birth planning appointment. It lasted a little over an hour. Sophia came with us. It was difficult for her to sit still, but she did her best.There was a lot of questions, info and a tour of the maternity area. It was a good chance for me to find out more about what to expect at the hospital since I am not familiar with it. They said labor and recovery went well for the baby and me that we would only need to stay 24 hours! I can't even imagine! With Sophia I believe we were there for 5 days after her birth and 2 days leading up to it. 

Childbirth Class (October 25 @ Hospital)
-I never went into labor when I had Sophia. I am so scared this time around. I thought it would be good for us to attend a Childbirth Class. We couldn't attend the classes that were split up into multiple classes. We signed up for the weekend express class. It was a one-time, 6 hour class. We got a lot out of it, but Ryan was dozing off by the end. It wasn't interactive at all. It was a lecture style class. 

a mini post about nothing

I am blogging this from my phone while laying in bed with the baby moving around like crazy. It's so hard to believe that I'm 31 weeks pregnant. I keep thinking that as early as this time next month there could be a new person in our home. I have tons of baby bump updates and notes I want to blog but I am going to save them for later.
I barely blogged last month and my goal is to do MUCH better this month.  I would be happy with 20 posts. With only 9 weeks left (possibly even less) I hope to do lots of posts. This is completely unrelated but I'm so excited for the holidays!