Weekend Recap 8.25.2014

Friday: After picking Sophia up from school we drove be the new house and walked around the yard (No one lives there, but we haven't closed on the house).  Sophia was walking around the yard and spotted some mushrooms. I told her they weren't the kind to eat. She asked, "If I touch it with my shoe, will my shoe become poisonous?"  Then she asked me if smurfs live in the yard. So cute! Of course I said they do live there and even saw little blue things running around :)

When we got home I checked her backpack. She had behavior note from her teacher. It was all good! The teacher sent them home with all students and said she was giving them room for mistakes since it was the beginning of year. But I hope if we get more they are all like this one:

Saturday: Sophia and I went to an event celebrating the anniversary of a community center being open. Sophia had a lot of fun. Isn't the face painting cute?

Sunday: I spent most of the day packing. Not fun at all.  And I watched the new and last season of The Killing on Netflix while packing. I think the final episodes were the best. Anyone agree?

Weekend Recap

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  1. Of course there are Smurfs in your backyard!! How fun :) I love it!
    Good job, Sophia!
    Packing-- ack! Bright side, new house. Congrats!