The Night Before The First Day of Kindergarten

Sophia has went to bed early to help her get a better sleep for the big day tomorrow: The First Day of Kindergarten. Yep. It's that time. I am beyond nervous for her. I am holding it together right now, but I know after  I pull out of the school parking lot I will have a meltdown.

Tonight we went to the Back To School night. We met the teacher and dropped off her supplies. The school she will be attending is so much bigger than the elementary school I attended. Walking her through it felt so overwhelming. I felt scared for her, but I kept reminding her (and myself) that there would always be an adult helping her get through the building. 

Before bed I read her The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. It is just the sweetest story. I started crying half way through it and could barely finish. Sophia kept hugging me and reassuring me it would be ok. If you need a book to read about overcoming fears or firsts than this is an excellent book to read. I do recommend having tissues ready!
Click book to go to a bookstore link.

I am going to go make sure we have everything ready for tomorrow and try to prepare myself for the big day. 

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