Baby Bump Update: Week 21

Today starts week 21.  According to I'm Expecting app on my phone the baby is approximately 10.5 inches long. It actually compares the baby to the size of a carrot.

Looking Back @ Week 20 ( 8/16-8/22):
Week 20 included the big ultrasound. I was a little disappointed it wasn't 3D and it wasn't on the big screen like the doctor's office, but it was still great to see the little one again. I also have some kinda creepy ultrasound photos from it.  Of course, the frame and writing are pink because it's a girl! 

When I showed the yawning one to Sophia her response was, "It's mouth is open like it's screaming." I hadn't thought of it like that and now it kind of creeps me out. Of course, at the ultrasound it was super cute to see the yawn and hand by the face. 

I have felt ok with the exception of my allergies giving me headaches. Otherwise I felt good. My belly is getting a lot bigger now. 

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