Turning 29

I have been feeling pretty nostalgic the last few weeks. I shouldn't be surprised. I turned 29 over the weekend. And I'm pregnant with baby #2. If one baby doesn't make you feel like an adult, two will really seal the deal. Plus, twenty-nine feels a lot older than twenty-eight and WAY older than twenty -seven or six. It's basically thirty.

I know that nostalgia frequently refers to going back to a happier time. I don't think that's the case with what has been going on recently. I go back to a different place---a good time with many perks, but not really better or worse. I think it has more to do with me grasping how long ago certain things happened or maybe how much has happened in that time.  Is 10 years ago really THAT long ago? Or is it because things are so dramatically different?

Right now as I type this post I can look at my bulletin board covered with my daughter's t-ball pictures, ultrasound photos and my birthday cards. These are definitely things in my life that make me happy, but when I hear this song I can't help thinking about being in HS, cruising around with my best friend and singing : 

We had no idea how true some of this song at that time. 

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