Baby Bump Update: Week 16

Four months pregnant! 

Looking Back @ Week 15 (7/12-7/18)
I think it was the first week I felt like my pre-pregnancy self. There was nothing too eventful or surprising this week.  I did find an amazing sale on diapers and bought a few packages. It was the first baby related purchase. 

Turning 29

I have been feeling pretty nostalgic the last few weeks. I shouldn't be surprised. I turned 29 over the weekend. And I'm pregnant with baby #2. If one baby doesn't make you feel like an adult, two will really seal the deal. Plus, twenty-nine feels a lot older than twenty-eight and WAY older than twenty -seven or six. It's basically thirty.

I know that nostalgia frequently refers to going back to a happier time. I don't think that's the case with what has been going on recently. I go back to a different place---a good time with many perks, but not really better or worse. I think it has more to do with me grasping how long ago certain things happened or maybe how much has happened in that time.  Is 10 years ago really THAT long ago? Or is it because things are so dramatically different?

Right now as I type this post I can look at my bulletin board covered with my daughter's t-ball pictures, ultrasound photos and my birthday cards. These are definitely things in my life that make me happy, but when I hear this song I can't help thinking about being in HS, cruising around with my best friend and singing : 

We had no idea how true some of this song at that time. 

Baby Bump Update: Week 15

It's the start of week 15...I know the growth of the baby starts to really pick up at this point.  So exciting!

Looking Back at Week 14 (7/5-7/11):
Getting out of the first trimester makes a huge difference. It has probably been the best week of the pregnancy so far. I still have an aversion to meats most of the time, but I am doing better than earlier in the pregnancy. I eat lots of cottage cheese, tomatoes and peaches. Two times this week I have felt the slightest little flutters. It's so sweet to think I may be feeling the baby moving. 

Baby Bump Update: Week 14

I am into the 2nd trimester now and a few days into week 14. I'm trying to enjoy the moment, but I am excited to know if it's a boy or a girl. Whenever I go to a store with baby stuff I have to walk through the baby aisle (even the small CVS baby aisle!).  

Looking Back on Week 13 (6/28-7/4):
This week I started to feel like myself again. The fatigue and drowsiness is gone. Luckily there wasn't any stomach acid issues. We were without electricity for a few days because of the storm. Sophia and I stayed busy by going swimming and spending time outside. 
My intention was to do more blogging this week, but being without electric has made it a bit difficult. It's only been a little over 30 hours but I'm ready for it to come back on.