Kindle Freebie: Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

Several Fridays ago I mentioned that I was only now getting a smart phone. Everyone was right--I do love it. One of my favorite things has been the kindle app. When I am sitting at swim lessons or waiting for Sophia I can just pull out my phone to read. No carrying anything extra. Love it.

BUT those ebooks cost money. I only splurge on books I REALLY want. So, I have been reading the some of the freebies I have found. Here is one of them:
This book was really good. It's the first in the series (like many of the freebies on Kindle). The character is a young, single Mennonite that left her community after becoming pregnant. After making a life for herself things start to unravel and she has to return to the community for safety. She has to face her past that involves the community, her faith and her family. Of course there is a love story too. I'm normally put off by fiction books themed around Amish and Mennonite, but this one has me convinced I might be wrong.

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