Weekend Recap

This weekend recap is coming a little late, but oh well!

Friday: Kindergarten Immunizations! Sophia got her shots in the morning. She was so scared. I am so glad we got it over with it. The ladies in the office where she got the shots were quietly laughing at Sophia as we left because she kept limping. Afterwards I took her to McDonalds with a playland. Her limping went away, but I could tell her leg was still hurting.

Saturday: Swim lessons in the morning. We got lunch and went back to the gym. They were doing a kids day. They had crafts and games. They also had a Zumba class for kids. I have never really liked group exercise that involves dance. I didn't realize that parents had to participate. It was probably the most embarrassing and longest 45 minutes ever.  Later in the day Ry, Soph and I went for a drive to check out houses for sale.We got home, had dinner and Ry left to go fishing. Sophia wasn't feeling well (I think from the shots). She watched a movie and fell asleep.

Sunday: We were lazy and stayed in all day. :)

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