The Glam Series: Summer Favorites

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This topic makes me think of a funny story. I'm going to try to keep it short by doing it with bullets.

Take yourself back to 2007/2008-ish. 
John Frieda Beach Blonde Cool Dip Shampoo and Smooth Sailing Conditioner are my favorites. 

  • I notice that it seems to flip back and forth between being sold in CVS, Walmart, and Meijers.
  • I'm a little worried that it will be discontinued. 
  • Mom calls to warn me that they are on clearance at CVS in her hometown. Of course, she bought me a bunch. I run to my CVS and buy all of them on clearance. 
  • Many months pass and my supply is short. I looked on "the black market" (aka e-bay). They are going to $20 per bottle. 
  • I emailed the John Frieda company. I told them how sad I was about it. I told them about the "black market".  I don't know what I expected, but I HAD to let them know.
I wish I would have saved their response, but to sum up the 2 paragraph email: They have a marketing department that took everything into consideration (except my feelings). They didn't take the decision to discontinue lightly (by whose standards?). They recommended other JF products. 
Those products weren't the same. If you are interested, they still sell bottles for an insanely high amount on E-bay and Amazon. 

Sorry I couldn't recommend any current products. I don't really have any I love.  I do prefer any tanning oils/sunscreens in aerosol cans. Keeps my hands from getting all nasty.

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