April 11, 2014: Five on Friday

1. Mad Men
 Hello Peggy, Joan, Don, Roger and Pete!
I LOVE Mad Men. I am so excited about the upcoming season starting on Sunday and sad about it's ending. Anyway, there is an app to make yourself a character in the show. I had to do it.
If you aren't familiar with the characters, I'm the purple with the bow. 
I really wanted to give my character cigarettes, but an internal conflict prevented it.

2.  Pictures outside of Sophia

Last weekend Ry needed to do some work at a friend's house. We went out there and walked the dog around. Eventually Sophia realized there were basically giant puddles that she could walk though and get all muddy. Simon wanted no part in any of it! But I got a lot of pics. 
I try not to share a lot of pics of Sophia on here and if I do they aren't usually up close. 

3. Stubborn Simon

He loves riding in the truck, but its hard to tell with his expression! He wouldn't move out of the driver's seat! I kept calling him but he wouldn't budge. 

4. Taxes
I normally don't procrastinate because I just want to get the whole thing over with and done. However, this year I put it off and have to do them today. Grrrrr.

5.  A Little Daily Burn Update

So far I am still enjoying the Daily Burn workouts. It is nice to have them thrown in with walking and trips to the gym. I am actually thinking of adding a page where I can log my workouts and kind of journal. Just a thought right now. I have a history of trying workout programs and not following through long term. Honestly, the fact that I am doing this 6 weeks later says a lot and it's only $10 a month. 

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