Weekend Recap

Friday: Nothing eventful. Sophia and I stayed at home. Ryan went out for a guys night.

Saturday: Sophia and I headed out to Fort Wayne. We went the arcade, shopping and had dinner at Olive Garden. In classic Olive Garden fashion even though we got there at 4:15 to beat the dinner crowd, there was a 45 minute wait. We had a gift card and don't live close to one, so we waited. 
We couldn't pass up a big Fruit Ninja game!

She took the trucker game seriously.

Sunday: We went to Mcdonald's playland, then we went to see Sherman and Peabody. It was a cute movie. It was really nice to see simple animation instead of the fancy stuff.  Afterwards a quick trip to the grocery store.

Dateless in Dallas
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  1. Olive Garden ALWAYS has such an insane wait! Their soup, salad, & breadsticks are totally worth it though.

  2. Everyone else must have had the same "Let's go to dinner early to beat the crowd" idea as you. But the Olive Garden is awesome, so it would totally be worth the wait.

  3. I could totally go for some Olive Garden breadsticks right now! Those things are like crack - YUM!