The Daily Burn

I feel like it is impossible to turn on the TV without seeing a commercial for the Daily Burn and the offer for a free 30 day trial. After checking out the site and trying to find some reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

What is it? 
Think a health and fitness version of Netflix. You are able to stream workout videos on your computer, Xbox, tablet, etc.. You can do the workouts in any order  or have the guidance of a program calendar. Or you can do both. For instance, I chose the True Beginner program. That means my calendar is set up for True Beginner workouts, but I like to try the shorter, 15-minute workouts afterwards. I am still doing the trial, but it states that it is $10 per month afterwards.

What do I think of it?
I really like what I have seen so far. It's only been slightly over a week and my main workouts have been the True Beginner. I have tried the Restorative Yoga, Meditation Yoga (not a work out) and Superhero Kickboxing. They were all all 15 minute videos that did after True Beginner. With the exception of the kickboxing, I have liked them all.

I am going to try to switch it up some more and try other longer workouts. I am also going to try to update weekly until it gets closer to the end of the trial. I have a history of being all enthusiastic at first and not staying motivated. Hopefully it will be different with Daily Burn.

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