What I'm Reading: Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

*Spoiler Alert*
I want to start by saying that I have always enjoyed Helen Fielding's writing style. Bridget Jones is one of my favorite female characters.  I was disappointed in this book because I did have such big hopes for Bridget in this book. So, it's kind of a rant. Just a heads up.
             It's been awhile since  Bridget Jones' Diary came out.  I know it was at least 10 years ago that I read through the first. Bridget was a character easy to relate to--funny, clumsy, awkward, frequently failing or embarrassing, but always having the best intentions. Well, it's been over 10 years, even in the plot of the story, and Bridget hasn't changed. Except this time, Bridget is annoying and irresponsible. She is a widow with kids, a nanny, and no need to work according to the story, but she can't help her kids pass a spell test and her house is filled with bugs?!?!I know the overzealous PTA parent may be annoying (Bridget seems to find them very irritating) but Bridget is another type of annoying. This book could have focused on Bridget's growth or shown how life had matured her since the previous book. I would have loved to see Bridget turn into that poised, smart, elegant woman that she tried to be in the previous books. Instead Bridget turned into a spoiled and irresponsible 40/50 something that isn't likable.

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