Weather and Water

I woke up to the old blanket of snow being covered by a new blanket of snow. It's so beautiful to look outside and see it falling. It was one of the soft, glittery snows.

(Please ignore the ugliness of the water bottle. It's Ry's and even says Wilson Tool on the other side, but it works)

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling so well and last week my stomach had been hurting. I figured that the stomach ache was a result of too much soda and too little water. I decided that I needed to start drinking more water. I am one of those people that don't like water, but I have been filling and refilling this water bottle multiple times every day since February 1. Drinking more water is one my goals for this month.

Here's a tip for others that don't like water:
Try different temperatures. I like room temp/warm water, but I don't really like to drink cold water (unless I am hot). This is helping me drink more. 
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  1. I actually really like the water bottle. Are you feeling better now? Is up'ing your intake of water working?