Nail Polish

This post is linked-up @ The Glam Series on  Love Always, Nancy J L. The topic this week is nail polish.
Love Always Nancy J

Favorite Top Coat:
I don't have one. I just purchase one at whatever store I am when getting a new color. Hopefully when I am checking out the other blogs I will find some new ones to try. 

Favorite Color:   
Boom Boom by Sinful Colors
I started wearing this color 2011 and have loved it ever since!  I  know bright shades aren't trendy, but I love them.  It works great for fingernails and toes.  It is the only fingernail polish color that  have worn over several years. Normally I buy a bottle and move on from the color before I get half way it. Boom Boom was the first Sinful Colors bottle I purchased. I was at a pretty rough place at that time. Money was very tight and it was only 99 cents. It's still a bargain at only 1.99, easily accessible (I go to Walgreen's) and there are tons of colors. 

OPI or Essie?
Honestly, I have never used Essie, so by default, it's OPI.  It's a great brand of polish. I do like to get the OPI polish when I want a red toe nail polish in the summer. I trust how well it stays on. 


  1. My favorite top coat is Seche Vite and I definitely talk about it on my post today. My salon introduced me to it and I haven't found anything that works quite as wonderfully! I have a sparkly pink sinful color I like using when I want that extra sparkle!

  2. I love bright colors too, especially on my toes! I have a ton of sinful colors too...can't beat their price tag! I use the Orly "Won't Chip" top coat and it lives up to it's name for at least 4 days. I am going on a week now with minimal chippage!

  3. I love that you have one color you have loved over the years... I change my colors up so much, but I do tend to go for the same sort of hues for reds when I want red. I only do OPI if I'm at the Salon, but I love the selected of Essie at Target, so I go with it.

  4. love love love that color!!! It looks so fun!!!

    thanks for linking up lady!