My Kid Won't Craft!

I told myself that I wouldn't turn this into a "mommy blog". I am a mom, but i kind of wanted this to be my personal space for the things I enjoy. But sometimes I have to do a mom post. Here it is:

Have you been on pinterest and viewed all the great projects you just HAVE to do for your kids/future kids? Well, I have and among these projects were holidays crafts. Valentines may seem mediocre compared to Christmas and Halloween, but it is no exception. There are so many fun printables that I am 100% convinced I would have LOVED as a kid. Butterflies with suckers, printables for pencils and Hershey Kisses, dinosaur themed Valentine''s endless. The world is full of some really creative people and if they are willing to share, I am willing to receive.  Check out the how adorable these cards are:

Printable @ Click image to go link.
Sophia didn't feel the same way when I took her to the store to get suckers to make those oh-so-cute cards for her classmates. According to her, it wasn't fair to the boys because "boys don't like butterflies". I tried to convince her otherwise. Then I tried to encourage her to go the Hershey Kiss route. I say encourage, because I knew telling her I was printing XOXO cards wasn't going to work.  To me, the printables are 100 times cuter than the store bought. Doesn't she realize that I was going above and beyond? It would cost more in both time and money, but I was willing to splurge and commit in the name of cuteness.
She is headed to school today with these:
A $1.00 box of gender-neutral cards for her classmates. 

Instead of feeling excited about getting off the hook, I felt disappointed. I just keep thinking how sad she will be if other people have better cards. When I mentioned it, she said that the other kids would get candy from everyone else. She is satisfied with these cards, so why aren't I?

I think in a world of blogs and pins it can be easy to always feel like there is always more and better. I like the crafty, DIY projects (ok, I look at more than I ever do), but Sophia didn't feel the same way.  She is normally a crafty kid, but this time she was completely happy with her $1.00 cards. The problem is sometimes I get caught up in what I want to experience as a mother instead of letting her choose how she experience things. Yea, parents need to guide kids on the big things, but Valentine's cards counts as the small stuff.  Maybe when she is older she will want to make them, but not this year. If she is ok with that, so am I.

However, I did get to experience this cuteness:
She got the "to" and "from" mixed up! 
The teachers asked that the names not be specific because of the class size. I love that she added XOXOXO!

(Yes, I wrote a post about my daughter's Valentine's cards. Yes, I do feel slightly ridiculous for being disappointed.)

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