5 on Friday: 2.28.2014

1. There is a new addition in our family. 
On Wednesday we got this little guy from the shelter. This is Sophia's first real pet (with the exception of the goldfish). I have never had a dog either, so it's kind of my first too. I like medium/larger dogs, but Sophia and this dog, Simon, just seemed to "click."

2. Diet hot chocolate is actually good. Yesssss!
Too bad I am not good at sticking to the "diet" part with anything else.
One packet is meant for 8 oz. of water, but I don't mind it a little less chocolate-y. 
I put it in my favorite mug with a bit of whipped cream. Yum. 

3.  Winter Melt? What?
I don't have a picture to reflect #3. My advice is to watch your local meteorologist. Maybe for 1 or 2 random days it was warm enough to melt snow. The rest of the time it has been so freakin' cold. Today the high was 9 and low -10. Why do meteorologist keep calling it the "Winter Melt Watch" like its some ongoing thing? Yes,  those few days were significant enough to result in some flash flooding, but calling it "winter melt" when you walk outside to 5 degrees is depressing. Call it that in a couple of weeks. 

4. Ron Swanson/ Parks and Recreation
I don't watch Parks and Recreation much, but I'm starting to think I should. Last night I watched an episode. One of the characters is very opinionated and was writing letters to everyone and everything. This is something I say I am going to do all the time. I will starting off saying, "Ya know, I'm gonna write them (xyz company) a letter."  Ryan reminds me all the time of places I one day intend to write: KFC, University of Cincinnati, Texas Roadhouse...he's isn't here, but he could add at least 5 more. 

5.  My Grad. School Diploma
I didn't walk in graduation, so I had to wait for it arrive by mail. Grad school was WAY more expensive than undergrad and I felt a little disappointed when I got it---but I am going to post about that this week (it's also the reason I want to write UC, #4). However, the positive is I now have my Master degree. 


  1. aww welcome Simon! That face! And bless you for taking a chance on a shelter dog. I wish i had enough space to adopt them all! Oh & congrats grad school GRAD! Woot woot! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Congratulations! I walked in December and I'm still waiting on my diploma, so I'm more than slightly envious...

  3. Visiting from the link up. Congrats on the new dog! He is adorable!

  4. Ill be graduating in December with my Master's degree. Pretty excited! Why was your experience not that great? :(

    1. I have ALOT more debt than I did after undergrad, it was much more difficult and then I got this cardboard envelope with my diploma. It doesn't specify my area of study and it looks so much cheaper than my undergrad degree. I think when you work harder and pay more, you expect more. I just felt disappointed.