5 on Friday: 2.28.2014

1. There is a new addition in our family. 
On Wednesday we got this little guy from the shelter. This is Sophia's first real pet (with the exception of the goldfish). I have never had a dog either, so it's kind of my first too. I like medium/larger dogs, but Sophia and this dog, Simon, just seemed to "click."

2. Diet hot chocolate is actually good. Yesssss!
Too bad I am not good at sticking to the "diet" part with anything else.
One packet is meant for 8 oz. of water, but I don't mind it a little less chocolate-y. 
I put it in my favorite mug with a bit of whipped cream. Yum. 

3.  Winter Melt? What?
I don't have a picture to reflect #3. My advice is to watch your local meteorologist. Maybe for 1 or 2 random days it was warm enough to melt snow. The rest of the time it has been so freakin' cold. Today the high was 9 and low -10. Why do meteorologist keep calling it the "Winter Melt Watch" like its some ongoing thing? Yes,  those few days were significant enough to result in some flash flooding, but calling it "winter melt" when you walk outside to 5 degrees is depressing. Call it that in a couple of weeks. 

4. Ron Swanson/ Parks and Recreation
I don't watch Parks and Recreation much, but I'm starting to think I should. Last night I watched an episode. One of the characters is very opinionated and was writing letters to everyone and everything. This is something I say I am going to do all the time. I will starting off saying, "Ya know, I'm gonna write them (xyz company) a letter."  Ryan reminds me all the time of places I one day intend to write: KFC, University of Cincinnati, Texas Roadhouse...he's isn't here, but he could add at least 5 more. 

5.  My Grad. School Diploma
I didn't walk in graduation, so I had to wait for it arrive by mail. Grad school was WAY more expensive than undergrad and I felt a little disappointed when I got it---but I am going to post about that this week (it's also the reason I want to write UC, #4). However, the positive is I now have my Master degree. 

Nail Polish

This post is linked-up @ The Glam Series on  Love Always, Nancy J L. The topic this week is nail polish.
Love Always Nancy J

Favorite Top Coat:
I don't have one. I just purchase one at whatever store I am when getting a new color. Hopefully when I am checking out the other blogs I will find some new ones to try. 

Favorite Color:   
Boom Boom by Sinful Colors
I started wearing this color 2011 and have loved it ever since!  I  know bright shades aren't trendy, but I love them.  It works great for fingernails and toes.  It is the only fingernail polish color that  have worn over several years. Normally I buy a bottle and move on from the color before I get half way it. Boom Boom was the first Sinful Colors bottle I purchased. I was at a pretty rough place at that time. Money was very tight and it was only 99 cents. It's still a bargain at only 1.99, easily accessible (I go to Walgreen's) and there are tons of colors. 

OPI or Essie?
Honestly, I have never used Essie, so by default, it's OPI.  It's a great brand of polish. I do like to get the OPI polish when I want a red toe nail polish in the summer. I trust how well it stays on. 

What I'm Reading: Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe

Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe
by Jenny Colgan

This book is a charming, light read. The main character, Issy, works in real estate but  finds herself thrown for a loop when she has to find new work.  She decided to return to her roots and open a bakery.  Her relationship with her grandfather is central to the plot along with her struggling relationships and funny cast of coworkers and friends. The book also has cupcake recipes throughout the book. The recipes only add to more sweetness to this story!

My Kid Won't Craft!

I told myself that I wouldn't turn this into a "mommy blog". I am a mom, but i kind of wanted this to be my personal space for the things I enjoy. But sometimes I have to do a mom post. Here it is:

Have you been on pinterest and viewed all the great projects you just HAVE to do for your kids/future kids? Well, I have and among these projects were holidays crafts. Valentines may seem mediocre compared to Christmas and Halloween, but it is no exception. There are so many fun printables that I am 100% convinced I would have LOVED as a kid. Butterflies with suckers, printables for pencils and Hershey Kisses, dinosaur themed Valentine's....it's endless. The world is full of some really creative people and if they are willing to share, I am willing to receive.  Check out the how adorable these cards are:

Printable @ skiptomylou.org. Click image to go link.
Sophia didn't feel the same way when I took her to the store to get suckers to make those oh-so-cute cards for her classmates. According to her, it wasn't fair to the boys because "boys don't like butterflies". I tried to convince her otherwise. Then I tried to encourage her to go the Hershey Kiss route. I say encourage, because I knew telling her I was printing XOXO cards wasn't going to work.  To me, the printables are 100 times cuter than the store bought. Doesn't she realize that I was going above and beyond? It would cost more in both time and money, but I was willing to splurge and commit in the name of cuteness.
She is headed to school today with these:
A $1.00 box of gender-neutral cards for her classmates. 

Instead of feeling excited about getting off the hook, I felt disappointed. I just keep thinking how sad she will be if other people have better cards. When I mentioned it, she said that the other kids would get candy from everyone else. She is satisfied with these cards, so why aren't I?

I think in a world of blogs and pins it can be easy to always feel like there is always more and better. I like the crafty, DIY projects (ok, I look at more than I ever do), but Sophia didn't feel the same way.  She is normally a crafty kid, but this time she was completely happy with her $1.00 cards. The problem is sometimes I get caught up in what I want to experience as a mother instead of letting her choose how she experience things. Yea, parents need to guide kids on the big things, but Valentine's cards counts as the small stuff.  Maybe when she is older she will want to make them, but not this year. If she is ok with that, so am I.

However, I did get to experience this cuteness:
She got the "to" and "from" mixed up! 
The teachers asked that the names not be specific because of the class size. I love that she added XOXOXO!

(Yes, I wrote a post about my daughter's Valentine's cards. Yes, I do feel slightly ridiculous for being disappointed.)

Treasure Tromp

What I'm Reading: Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

*Spoiler Alert*
I want to start by saying that I have always enjoyed Helen Fielding's writing style. Bridget Jones is one of my favorite female characters.  I was disappointed in this book because I did have such big hopes for Bridget in this book. So, it's kind of a rant. Just a heads up.
             It's been awhile since  Bridget Jones' Diary came out.  I know it was at least 10 years ago that I read through the first. Bridget was a character easy to relate to--funny, clumsy, awkward, frequently failing or embarrassing, but always having the best intentions. Well, it's been over 10 years, even in the plot of the story, and Bridget hasn't changed. Except this time, Bridget is annoying and irresponsible. She is a widow with kids, a nanny, and no need to work according to the story, but she can't help her kids pass a spell test and her house is filled with bugs?!?!I know the overzealous PTA parent may be annoying (Bridget seems to find them very irritating) but Bridget is another type of annoying. This book could have focused on Bridget's growth or shown how life had matured her since the previous book. I would have loved to see Bridget turn into that poised, smart, elegant woman that she tried to be in the previous books. Instead Bridget turned into a spoiled and irresponsible 40/50 something that isn't likable.

Weather and Water

I woke up to the old blanket of snow being covered by a new blanket of snow. It's so beautiful to look outside and see it falling. It was one of the soft, glittery snows.

(Please ignore the ugliness of the water bottle. It's Ry's and even says Wilson Tool on the other side, but it works)

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling so well and last week my stomach had been hurting. I figured that the stomach ache was a result of too much soda and too little water. I decided that I needed to start drinking more water. I am one of those people that don't like water, but I have been filling and refilling this water bottle multiple times every day since February 1. Drinking more water is one my goals for this month.

Here's a tip for others that don't like water:
Try different temperatures. I like room temp/warm water, but I don't really like to drink cold water (unless I am hot). This is helping me drink more. 
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