Weekend Recap

Friday: Ry didn't go home until late. We didn't really do anything. I did make one of the worst dinners ever. It was a chicken recipe I found on another blog. Just terrible.

Saturday: I headed to the gym and Sophia went to the youth center. After we got home I picked Subway up for the three of us. And later on in the evening we went bowling. Sophia was so excited to be there for the glow bowl. Ry didn't feel so great, so he just watched.

Sophia beat me the first game! And the other games were really close.

I took this picture of the yard and snowfall.  The snow was soooo pretty Sunday night.

Sunday: Yesterday was a big football day (according to Ry). We have been known to really irritate him when he is trying to watch the game. So we headed out to do some shopping. We got groceries, had lunch and we went to Mcdonalds playland  (We only got drinks there. I definitely wasn't in the mood for fast food).

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  1. I haven't gone bowling in forever! Sounds like you had fun though.

    Thanks for linkin' up with us!