Polar Vortex

I really love the snow, but when I woke up this morning I was excited to see the weather channel said 40 degrees! I live in one of those areas that got incredibly cold (-20 degrees, brrrr) and lots of snow (between 13-18 inches). On Sunday R, Sophia and I made the trip back home in the snowy weather. We thought we were leaving in time to beat the storm. Unfortunately, we met it about an hour into the drive home. We slowly made it home.

At the worst all we could see if white and ice on window.
I was so glad that R was driving (there was NO way he was letting me driving his truck). 

The yard yesterday evening--- the little dots are where rain is was hitting the ground. 
Sophia did not go back to school until Thursday and they had a 2 hour delay.  There is no preschool on Friday or Monday, so it was a 1 day week. Regardless of how short, we were both excited for school. She had been cooped up in the house too much. Unfortunately the extreme coldness made it unsafe to actually enjoy the snow. Now it is time for the muddy mess that follow the snow. 

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