I have been thinking about doing this post for awhile, but just have been putting it off.  Looking back at 2013--well, it wasn't the best year. There were a lot of big changes and things that took place.

1. The Move
Sophia and I moved from our home.  We moved 3 hours away from my family and moved in with R. Big change.

2. Completed my masters degree. 
I wish I could say I felt good about this, but honestly, I am terrified of the debt. When I got my bachelors degree the debt was fairly insignificant, but the debt from this degree is more hefty.

3. Got to spend time with Sophia.
I stayed at home while completing the degree. I could have avoided the debt by working, but the move was a big change for us. I didn't want to move and suddenly put her in a daycare. I have LOVED spending more time with Sophia.

4. Sophia turned 5.

Five isn't 16 or 18 or 21, but to me, 5 is big. I started kindergarten when I was 5. I feel like it is official kid territory.  I also made the decision to put off having Sophia enter kindergarten until she is 6. Years from now that might not feel like a big deal, but it was a big decision for me.
 A Few Other Good and Bad Things:

Good things: Finding a good preschool here, seeing Sophia learn new things (Soccer, swim, gymnastics---some better than others :),  holiday memories: trick or treating,  seeing Santa, making a gingerbread house at her preschool, seeing my sister graduate from highschool

Bad things: Sophia's broken arm, car problems, money issues....ugh, I could go on, but why dwell?

Good luck with your bucket lists, resolutions and goals. And most importantly, make the best of whatever is thrown at ya.

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