Isn't it the best when....

Isn't it just the best when you find money in an old wallet? 
 It's only 6 dollars, but its 6 dollars I didn't know I had before.

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beauty: After Christmas @ Victoria's Secret

New Makeup Bag

I have had a gift card to VS for awhile, but I kept forgetting to use it. I decided to take advantage of some of the after Christmas deals. I saw this cute little makeup bag full of Amber Rose lotions and washes for only $11. (I got some other goodies that I will share later)

It matches my Urban Decay bag I got when I bought a makeup set. 

It matches my Urban Decay bag. I love the UD bag because of the color, pockets on the inside and it is the perfect size for the basics. BUT I broke the zipper and can't seem to fix it.

Doesn't hold a lot, but it does hold a few things.

I really wish it zipped. That is the only thing I don't like about it. Otherwise, it looks pretty with my UD one. Any one know if I can still get another one somewhere? These bags hold the basics. I have a bigger makeup bag I use less.

 What does your makeup bag look like?

Weekend Recap

Friday: Ry didn't go home until late. We didn't really do anything. I did make one of the worst dinners ever. It was a chicken recipe I found on another blog. Just terrible.

Saturday: I headed to the gym and Sophia went to the youth center. After we got home I picked Subway up for the three of us. And later on in the evening we went bowling. Sophia was so excited to be there for the glow bowl. Ry didn't feel so great, so he just watched.

Sophia beat me the first game! And the other games were really close.

I took this picture of the yard and snowfall.  The snow was soooo pretty Sunday night.

Sunday: Yesterday was a big football day (according to Ry). We have been known to really irritate him when he is trying to watch the game. So we headed out to do some shopping. We got groceries, had lunch and we went to Mcdonalds playland  (We only got drinks there. I definitely wasn't in the mood for fast food).

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Makeup Monday: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

Spell check is telling me that superbalanced isn't aword, but for the the last 14 years Clinique has been telling me otherwise.  Yep, this has been a staple in my makeup bad since I was a teenager. I try other things and have used other things. However, this has always has worked best for my skin. 

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup (09 Sand)
I need a new bottle.

It is a liquid foundation that has a good amount of coverage. I have had problems with my skin in the past (typically areas of dry, irritated skin). This has always provided coverage and HELPED my skin. That's where the superbalanced comes in----it helps balance out my skin  The only downside is how it can feel a little heavy when there is humidity but I think most makeup feels heavy in high humidity. 

If you need a foundation that will balance out your skin, this may be it. 

Happy Monday!

Polar Vortex

I really love the snow, but when I woke up this morning I was excited to see the weather channel said 40 degrees! I live in one of those areas that got incredibly cold (-20 degrees, brrrr) and lots of snow (between 13-18 inches). On Sunday R, Sophia and I made the trip back home in the snowy weather. We thought we were leaving in time to beat the storm. Unfortunately, we met it about an hour into the drive home. We slowly made it home.

At the worst all we could see if white and ice on window.
I was so glad that R was driving (there was NO way he was letting me driving his truck). 

The yard yesterday evening--- the little dots are where rain is was hitting the ground. 
Sophia did not go back to school until Thursday and they had a 2 hour delay.  There is no preschool on Friday or Monday, so it was a 1 day week. Regardless of how short, we were both excited for school. She had been cooped up in the house too much. Unfortunately the extreme coldness made it unsafe to actually enjoy the snow. Now it is time for the muddy mess that follow the snow. 


I have been thinking about doing this post for awhile, but just have been putting it off.  Looking back at 2013--well, it wasn't the best year. There were a lot of big changes and things that took place.

1. The Move
Sophia and I moved from our home.  We moved 3 hours away from my family and moved in with R. Big change.

2. Completed my masters degree. 
I wish I could say I felt good about this, but honestly, I am terrified of the debt. When I got my bachelors degree the debt was fairly insignificant, but the debt from this degree is more hefty.

3. Got to spend time with Sophia.
I stayed at home while completing the degree. I could have avoided the debt by working, but the move was a big change for us. I didn't want to move and suddenly put her in a daycare. I have LOVED spending more time with Sophia.

4. Sophia turned 5.

Five isn't 16 or 18 or 21, but to me, 5 is big. I started kindergarten when I was 5. I feel like it is official kid territory.  I also made the decision to put off having Sophia enter kindergarten until she is 6. Years from now that might not feel like a big deal, but it was a big decision for me.
 A Few Other Good and Bad Things:

Good things: Finding a good preschool here, seeing Sophia learn new things (Soccer, swim, gymnastics---some better than others :),  holiday memories: trick or treating,  seeing Santa, making a gingerbread house at her preschool, seeing my sister graduate from highschool

Bad things: Sophia's broken arm, car problems, money issues....ugh, I could go on, but why dwell?

Good luck with your bucket lists, resolutions and goals. And most importantly, make the best of whatever is thrown at ya.