It clearly says "Whole Bean".
I think there are 3 kinds of coffee drinkers: the Caffeine Lover, the Coffee Lover and the Casual Coffee Drinker. I a definitely the Caffeine Lover. I know this because if all that was left in the world was decaf, I would pass it for hot chocolate. But during the last trip to the grocery store I grabbed a bag of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. This was the first time I had picked it up The last trip we needed coffee I got Gevalia vanilla coffee. Before that we had the largest container of Folgers possible. When I was putting away the new bag I realized I had grabbed whole beans. Grrrrr. I Googled how to grind beans without a grinder. The two most commons recommendations was a rolling pin or a blender. I opted for the rolling pin this morning.  Let's just say, tomorrow I will try the blender and I am glad I bought good coffee creamer.

Using the rolling pins on the beans was surprisingly loud.

         I'm sure you can guess that it wasn't the best cup of coffee.