Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

 A couple of years ago I got a handed down Pumpkin Cookie recipe. I just made these delicious, bread-like cookies last week and plan to make another batch this week.  I am going to share a pic of my daughter a few years ago when we made these cookies together

Cute Gift for Coaches

 Ever need a cute, inexpensive gift, but completely fail to come up with something?  I understand. Thanks to some Google searching and a creative blogger I found this cute thank you gift.  
My picture doesn't really do this justice. The original blogger has a cute bag and clip. However, if you are in a hurry you can tape the bars together and add some ribbon to hold the tag. 

Check out this very creative blogger and get the tag here:
(It will take you to the page with the thank you gift)

What I'm Reading: Room

Emma Donoghue
Quick Review:  A young child knows no other existence than the isolated room that he and his mother have been imprisoned.  Original and a good read.
With some books I can give more details in this section, but I am going to pass on giving much more about this one. I will tell you it is written from the child’s perspective.  I will also tell you it is very original and you should read it if you looking for something that’s outside of the box.

What I'm Reading: You Had Me At Goodbye

You Had Me At Goodbye
Tracey Bateman
Quick Review:  Dancy has to come term with life not always going the way she plans, but the way God plans. Christian romance (probably appeals mostly to a twenty/thirty female). Unfortunately this one was just ok.