Teacher's Gift

Sophia's preschool is big. Last year there was 33 kids and 4 teachers in one very big room! Sophia's preschool in the town we lived in before was much smaller. There was one teacher in a small room with 7 little girls. It was a big change for both of us.  Both have their advantages. I think Sophia focused more in the smaller room and had a strong friendship with those little girls. We left mid-year and on her last day it was so sad for Sophia and her friends. 

At this school they are very active. Due to the preschool pretty much taking up the entire building, there is tons of room for them to play games. They have a play center (think of the small ones you might see at a fast food place), trampoline, climbing toys, and scooters all divided up in areas within the room. Of course, there is also tables for snack and projects in another area. 

I had been thinking of sending the teacher's gifts on the first day. I saw a lot of cute ideas online, but ended up finding these cute boxes of cookies at Cracker Barrel. 

I just love the pretty packaging!

I dropped Sophia off for her first day of preschool today. She is there right now. I hope she is having a good day and having a lot of fun. 

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