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Sophia has been at my mom's for almost two weeks. My mom has kept her a lot this summer and I am definitely missing her! When Sophia gets home it will be time for her to go back to preschool. Sophia is old enough to attend kindergarten, but we, along with help from my family and preschool teachers, decided that Sophia would benefit from another year of preschool. She is one of those kids that is all over the place and VERY social. Hopefully another year will help her mature more and help her have a better school experience.
Even though Sophia may not be prepared to enter school I do think home education is definitely possible this year. While she has been gone I have been pulling together online resources and putting together lesson plans. At first I was consumed by trying to complete a whole year of lesson plans and making them perfect. Eventually I realized that this was too difficult. How fast would we go? What if I was pacing the plans too quickly or slowly? And eventually, why am I making this so hard? I have one kid and she is kindergarten age!
So, I put together 4 weeks of lessons plans centered on literacy and math. Some science projects and social studies are thrown in there, but always themed around the literacy and math. Recognizing the letters and numbers is one of the most important things. Of course, field trips and outside activities too!

Where are the resources? This week I am focusing on Teachers Paying Teachers.

Teachers Pay Teachers (link)

This site is full of great, inexpensive worksheets, unit packs and ideas. There are also tons of free ones! They are organized by grade, subject or you can use the search engine to find what you need. I also love that teachers are making money for the work they would probably be doing for their own classrooms. And icing on the cake is that these packs and worksheets are absolutely adorable! Whether you are a teacher, home educator or just looking for ways to help your kids, this site is a great !

(And while some people may disagree, I think this is a great way for home educators to show support for many of the hard working teachers in public schools! Home educators may be choosing a different type of education, but most home educators appreciate and understand the need for the public education system and all the hardworking people contributing to it. )

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