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Online shopping is great on its own, buts its got even more advantages for parents.  It can be really hard to take the kiddos shopping and no one wants to be the parent with the screaming kid. But online shopping is even better when you don't have access to major stores nearby (small town living).  I could go on for days about how great online shopping can be, but I will skip to my favorites.

I know you recognize that! Let me tell ya, Amazon Prime is worth every penny and a life savor for me. You can use Amazon to search for deals and if they are "prime" then you get free two day shipping. The Sunday before Ry's birthday which was the following Wednesday, he mentioned wanting Colts stuff for his desk at work. I ordered on Monday and had it on Wednesday. It was stuff I wouldn't have been able to find at any nearby stores.  I have used it for many other things: textbooks, soccer gear and clothes for Sophia, gifts, household items. I know it's mainstream, but I love it.

Zulily has kids clothes, household items and other goodies at a sale price. Some of the deals are really good and some are just ok, BUT the great part is that you get to see brands and stores you might not otherwise see. I have had great experiences with clothes for Sophia, but keep in mind that it can take awhile to get items. Think way ahead when your shopping. 


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  1. I keep hearing about Amazon Prime. Sounds like a life savor for us in small towns. I'll have to check it out! Have a great week :)