Ready for Christmas!

I am  ready for Christmas! I have been ready for about a month now. If I could have gotten away with putting up the tree on Nov. 1 I would have already done it. Typically I put the tree up either the day after Thanksgiving or that weekend, but this year that feels like forever from now. I actually googled it (I google almost everything). " When is it too early to put up the christmas decorations?"

I couldn't help it! I was sure someone would say November 1. They would basically be giving me permission to pull out the decorations. However, no one did. I just keep reminding myself to be patient and that putting them up this early would take away from the excitement that comes right after Thanksgiving.  Sigh....


Well, Halloween is over. I wasn't really into it this year, but Sophie was 100%  about it! We went trick or treating on both Saturday and Sunday.  She was as cute as can be in her ladybug costume. :-)