Week 2: Making Home A Haven

Well, I missed week one of the Making Your Home A Haven challenge due to our trip. Fortunately, it was the one that I can most easily do. Who doesn't love candles in the fall?
But this one is a bit tougher. I have an older blog about "Bedtime with the Beatles". Definitely peaceful and calming music, but a little too calming. I need to be able to stay awake. However, the bedtime cd is proof to me that music can change the atmosphere and a child's behavior. Now I just need to find calming music that I want to listen to during the day. I will keep ya posted on any good stuff I find!


  1. Hi Brittney,

    I hope you find something you love! I didn't have a huge amount of success with this one! I think that my hubby's preference for loud, fast, heavy metal doesn't help!

    Tomorrow I'm trying some Vivaldi!

    Good luck!

  2. let me know what you find for a CD :) I found louie armstrong and believe it not -it's totally peaceful/relaxing without putting me to sleep...kind of reminds me of shopping at pottery barn (without the expense?!)
    love that you got a fall break- we're headed home from ours now. Nice to see a change in seasons :)