Bedtime With The Beatles--Great Naptime Music

Bedtime With The Beatles (Pink Cover) by Jason Falkner

Several years ago I found myself working at a day care. During naptime the pre-k teacher played this cd. The children would enter the room after lunch. Their cots were ready, light dim, and the music playing. Most would fall asleep easily. The music was sooooooo soothing and comforting I would have to keep myself busy or I would want to fall asleep.

I enjoyed this "naptime music" so much that I kept it in the back of my mind for when I had a little one. Now that I am at home I have been trying to create an atmosphere of quiet time that will naturally lead to a nap right after lunch. This album is definitely the way to go. It is instrumental versions of Beatles songs done beautifully. Right now we listen from our Napster subscription, but I wouldn't mind getting a CD for the car.

My First Post

Blogging definitely isn't new to me. I began blogging when I was in high school. Blogging was was becoming more popular, but wasn't close to being what is today. My post became less frequent and I eventually quit shortly after graduating college. It has been almost 3 years since I really considered myself a "blogger". However, I have continued to read and follow blogs without my participating. I have been so motivated by all of the "Mommy Blogs" out there that I couldn't resist starting up another blog.
This is Sophia. In this picture she is still shiny and new at the hospital in 2008.  Both pictures at the top are also of her. She is my only child and is definitely a handful now that she 2.
I am excited to share our adventures on here with so many amazing bloggers.