Ready for Christmas!

I am  ready for Christmas! I have been ready for about a month now. If I could have gotten away with putting up the tree on Nov. 1 I would have already done it. Typically I put the tree up either the day after Thanksgiving or that weekend, but this year that feels like forever from now. I actually googled it (I google almost everything). " When is it too early to put up the christmas decorations?"

I couldn't help it! I was sure someone would say November 1. They would basically be giving me permission to pull out the decorations. However, no one did. I just keep reminding myself to be patient and that putting them up this early would take away from the excitement that comes right after Thanksgiving.  Sigh....


Well, Halloween is over. I wasn't really into it this year, but Sophie was 100%  about it! We went trick or treating on both Saturday and Sunday.  She was as cute as can be in her ladybug costume. :-)

Week 2: Making Home A Haven
Well, I missed week one of the Making Your Home A Haven challenge due to our trip. Fortunately, it was the one that I can most easily do. Who doesn't love candles in the fall?
But this one is a bit tougher. I have an older blog about "Bedtime with the Beatles". Definitely peaceful and calming music, but a little too calming. I need to be able to stay awake. However, the bedtime cd is proof to me that music can change the atmosphere and a child's behavior. Now I just need to find calming music that I want to listen to during the day. I will keep ya posted on any good stuff I find!

Festival Find......50's Recipe Book

Last Saturday at a festival I found a 1950's era recipe book and it was HAND MADE!
It was made from a spiral notebook that had math problems underneath the recipes.I am thinking possibily a school project for a family science course. Most of the notebook consists newspaper cutouts, but also some magazine cutouts. The maker of this recipe book took the time to organize the recipes by theme: apple, prune, pudding, etc. It is mostly desserts, but also has some complete meal recipes. Here is a peak:

Newpaper Cutouts

Magazine Cutouts

The person took the time to add stickers and magazine clippings to decorate the book.

Sharing cook secrets

A five dollar treasure! Soon I will be picking out some retro recipes and sharing them with you!


It may seem that I have forgotten my blog, but that is completely untrue. I have been busy with the house, Sophie and enjoying the last few days of summer left here in the midwest.

I have also been experimenting with a schedule. Trying to come up with ways for us to stay busy and not moping around the house. I also try to spend some time reading other blogs to find themes for each day to help lead some posts.

There is much more to come!

Bedtime With The Beatles--Great Naptime Music

Bedtime With The Beatles (Pink Cover) by Jason Falkner

Several years ago I found myself working at a day care. During naptime the pre-k teacher played this cd. The children would enter the room after lunch. Their cots were ready, light dim, and the music playing. Most would fall asleep easily. The music was sooooooo soothing and comforting I would have to keep myself busy or I would want to fall asleep.

I enjoyed this "naptime music" so much that I kept it in the back of my mind for when I had a little one. Now that I am at home I have been trying to create an atmosphere of quiet time that will naturally lead to a nap right after lunch. This album is definitely the way to go. It is instrumental versions of Beatles songs done beautifully. Right now we listen from our Napster subscription, but I wouldn't mind getting a CD for the car.

My First Post

Blogging definitely isn't new to me. I began blogging when I was in high school. Blogging was was becoming more popular, but wasn't close to being what is today. My post became less frequent and I eventually quit shortly after graduating college. It has been almost 3 years since I really considered myself a "blogger". However, I have continued to read and follow blogs without my participating. I have been so motivated by all of the "Mommy Blogs" out there that I couldn't resist starting up another blog.
This is Sophia. In this picture she is still shiny and new at the hospital in 2008.  Both pictures at the top are also of her. She is my only child and is definitely a handful now that she 2.
I am excited to share our adventures on here with so many amazing bloggers.